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How is your Mom intuition in COVID?⁣

In January 2019, I started googling “theatre, kids” as my oldest was always singing away and giving academy award worthy performances (still). I found Broadway Kids and that they had summer camp and that is how we spent Summer 2019, Fall/Winter 2019/2020⁣

Always wanting to be ahead of the game I signed up for camp for summer 2020 in January…Spring..2020..we all know..COVID hit⁣

Broadway Kids went virtual to finish the year but the question of summer camp was open⁣

Not sure if the camp would happen, not sure if I wanted them to go to camp we went back and forth. What I knew is that I trust the owner with all of my heart so when she said she would reopen compliant with COVID guidelines and knew she meant it and that everything would be followed. Still, did we want them to go?⁣

At the end of the day, something (my intuition) told me that if they went that all would be ok and guess what, it really was. The song of the school is “Don’t Stop Believing” and it’s true⁣

Every week was filled with new music, new socially distant friends and a growing love for the community at Broadway Kids

The final week (this week) was Hamilton and look, if you’ve never seen/listened to Hamilton, please do this asap because it’s so amazingly good. Every morning has been the girls and I belting out the album to/from camp which truly are some of my cherished times with them and I hope to do forever⁣

Our Mom guts/intuition will always point us to what is right for us even if that is different from each other; if we can get quiet (evolving for me), we can hear it and it will point us to what is meant for us; can you hear your intuition?⁣

So thank you to Broadway Kids especially Jody Nichols for sharing her gifts and her light giving my girls a loving, COVID compliant space to grow this summer; we cannot recommend A Broadway Kids company enough! ⁣

~ Gina and Jay Newton


Out of all the things that have occurred this year, this by far has to be the absolute best.

The pandemic happened, schools closed, and we all know what happened next and how much things changed for the little worlds of our children.

Cristiano began to “deal” with it by creating TikToks and spending so much time dancing that I knew that he had all this pent up creativity that needed to be put to better use.

That’s when Ms. Jody came into our lives. She was offering virtual improv classes, and I figured this could be a way to break up his day a couple times a week.

What was just a way to fill up some of his days has become such a big part of his little world. He was able to attend ABC for 3 weeks this summer, and those 3 weeks have left a mark on him. He’s thriving... he’s singing... he’s loving show tunes and amazed by it all.

My heart is overflowing thinking of all that COVID took away, but also all that it has given us. We’ve just chosen to look at it all through different lenses, and none of it has gone to waste!!!

Here’s to new beginnings at ABC for the Fall 2020 year. Thank you Ms. Jody for providing our son with such a safe place to discover things about himself he didn’t even know he was capable of doing. We love you 😭🥰

 — at Broadway Kids.

~ Damy Tejada

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